Explore our range of delicious and nutritious nutraceuticals: GeneFuel

GeneFuel is designed to work with your genes instead of against them (like most modern processed foods found in Westernised diets).

Our GeneFuel nutraceuticals are a range of evidence based superfoods formulated by qualified nutrition scientists to fuse the latest research in nutrigenetics with the wisdom of ancient culinary traditions.

As with everything we do, all of our ingredients are backed by science, certified organic and ethically sourced from the highest quality suppliers in Australia and abroad.

Our current range includes a variety of meal-supplementary protein powders and protein enhanced mueslis which deliver all the nutritional goodness in a super tasty, convenient package.

Protein is a very crucial nutrient for our bodies, particularly as we age. That's why we have fortified every product with the finest plant-based protein available – hemp gold protein – which has zero allergen risk, optimal bio-availability, and excellent amino acid compatibility for human needs. It also boasts a high fibre content to support gut health, as well as brain boosting omega 3 fats. Need we say more?

The 5 key foundations of all our GeneFuel products:

  • High quality plant-based protein to support muscle repair and fat loss
  • Anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats for brain and heart health
  • Gut-nourishing fibre to feed and flourish your friendly bacteria
  • Powerful antioxidant polyphenols to protect your cells and skin from damage due to aging, environment and lifestyle
  • A low carb content that won't spike blood sugar levels

Each superfood is enhanced with an individual addition of other bioactive seeds and spices, contributing to the beneficial metabolic effects.

 GeneFuel – good for your genes, good for the world.