giving back

At Mygene we devote 50% of all our profits to developing projects that benefit humans, animals and nature. 

We aim to set up products and services including a Genetic testing company and stem cell laboratory for our non-human friends. 

We have been rescuing and treating sick and injured animals, including wildlife since 2015. We have developed evidence based novel approaches to treating specific diseases in animals. We have also put together a surgical team and will be funding it with the profits from our businesses, to provide quick, cheap and effective neutering for animals without removing their entire endocrine system (in girls desexing usually involves a full hysterectomy and in males castration). 

We have also developed and will be extending our animals stem cell laboratory with the aim to helping older animals with chronic age related illnesses. Part of our proceeds will go towards purchasing land in order to preserve it from development and allow dislocated wildlife to have a home and also for soft release. 

We believe animals have as much right to be on our planet as we do and we should try to co-exist with them without destroying their natural environment or killing them in mass.