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myRepair - powder 100g

myRepair - powder 100g

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An evidence based formulation of potent botanicals and marine sourced collagen for decreasing inflammation. 

 Wound healing and post exercise repair involve a multi-step process that includes inflammation - a healthy and normal biological response. During the inflammation stage specialized cells move into the site of injury to clear damage and debris and make way for repair. In some cases the state of inflammation can be prolonged or excessive, which may lead to unrepaired injury, scar formation, chronic pain and damage to other tissues.  

 Also, our modern environment and diet are both highly pro-inflammatory as well as having a reduced amount of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory factors.  

 myRepair's ingredients have been shown to exert powerful anti-inflammatory effects to help the repair process move forward. Marine collagen further supports repair by providing one of the most important raw materials for rebuilding connective tissue.  


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