About MyGene

Established in 2019, Mygene is an Australian privately-owned company committed to delivering evidence-based personalised programs for promoting health, peak performance and longevity. 

MyGene Founding Team: Paloma Hatami LLB BCom, Chief Executive Officer | Dr Mark Schulberg MD, Chief Medical Scientist | Alannah Mezzatesta BSc, Chief Operating Officer

Commitment to Evidence-Based Principles

We are a collaboration of health professionals, technologists, researchers and citizen-scientists. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, evidence-based health solutions. 

Evidence based is the systematic application of prior research to answer questions or support positions in a manner that is scientific, unbiased and independently verifiable.

In fact we consider everything we do in the often harsh but clarifying light of evidence-based information. This means that as appealing a notion or product may be, if it does not hold up to rigorous scientific scrutiny it is discarded. Similarly, when we choose to develop and provide a product or service we have the conviction that only a well-researched foundation in solid science can provide. 



Part of our process involves actively surveilling emerging knowledge and technology candidates that are translatable to health. When we identify suitable opportunities, we deploy in accessible, understandable and actionable solutions.

Never before has the biomedical landscape seen such rapid and groundbreaking developments with new discoveries published on a daily basis. Unfortunately, also rapidly growing is the amount of disinformation and noise and this is where our evidence based approach serves us well.  

When we step on a set of scales it is usually because we want to find if a diet is working. Similarly, our testing is designed to quantify key health metrics to initially establish a baseline and then to determine if a particular intervention (eg diet or lifestyle) is beneficial.

Consequently, a lot of what Mygene offers is concerned with measuring. This ranges from the enduring genetic information we are born with, to the gradual changes in genetic methylation as we age, to the undulating numbers of mitochondria in our cells and the rapid changes in blood chemistry that happen in days or hours. Each measure provides a different window into the workings of our bodies, helping make the best health choices and determine whether an intervention is working.


Transforming Data to Knowledge

Once we collect data our aim is to transform it into meaningful knowledge that is understandable and actionable. We devote significant resources towards developing reports that integrate data from numerous biological dimensions and distill what is essential whilst ensuring the information it was derived from is available for review as required.  

Mygene reports are presented at three levels of informational depth according to needs and interests: consumer, health professional and scientist. All levels may be accessed at anytime. 

The information space in which we navigate is vast, composed of over 35 million peer-reviewed, published studies, growing at a rate of thousands of new reports per day. Of these only a handful may be relevant but in order to make such determinations we need to review them. This would not be feasible without the aid of Artificial Intelligence technology. By using AI we are able to keep up with the deluge of data and ensure no opportunity is missed.

Mygene maintains its own mirror of the Pubmed database, enhanced with an AI-generated index of the meaningful (semantic) parameters of each abstract. 


The Importance of Aging

When we set out to design interventions, we initially sought to develop a unifying framework of the pathways involved in health. It was evident that age, and importantly, the rate of aging strongly impacted health.

Whilst many think of aging as concerned only with the 'old', it is a physiological process that begins at the end of puberty and sets into motion the path each of us will, over time, gradually lose physical and mental vitality.

Consequently our interventions and health programs are designed to address individual health requirements from the perspective of aging - a factor that is as relevant to someone in their 30's as it is in their 80's. To learn more about how aging alters health metrics see the relevance of aging on health.  


Our Interventions and Programs

Whilst we do not provide medical services, we work closely with medical professionals who may incorporate our systems to enhance their diagnosis and treatment plans. Our interventions are designed around nutritional, lifestyle and counselling programs that are informed and monitored by individual health metrics.  

Our services are best in class but we aim to make them affordable and accessible to the wider community. If you require access to our programs for a specific health requirement but are financially challenged we will consider your case and support where possible. Please contact us. 


Services suite

Programs - The HealthSpan protocol.  

Testing - Includes genomic testing, gene expression testing, gene methylation testing and mitochondrial genome testing delivered by our world leading reporting system. Clinical laboratory testing available through 3rd party pathology laboratories. 

Nutritional - Range of formulations scientifically developed to interact with key aging pathways. Includes the myCare and GeneFuel range

Support - Premium Concierge health assurance service.  


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