What is special about Miron Jars?

Miron jars are made of biophotonic violet glass which preserves biophotons (light energy emitted by living cells eg. plants). Contrary to amber glass or clear glass which allow visible sunlight to pass through, violet glass allows only UVA, UVB and infrared light to pass through and stops visible light.

UVB and UVA light suppress microbial growth thereby prolonging shelf life and preserving the contents of the jar. Additionally, visible sunlight degrades materials hence blocking this light further preserves shelf life and quality.

Amber glass on the other hand, blocks UVA and UVB light but allows visible light to penetrate. This is why this type of glass is used for beer and kombucha as microbial growth is actually encouraged in these products.

To learn more visit the Miron website: https://www.mironglass.com/discover-violetglass