Empower Me

The Empower Me program is intended for those wishing to enhance their health and wellbeing journey with our comprehensive in house genetic test, state of the art A.I driven program, and a set of comprehensive blood tests to measure certain blood biomarkers contributing to sub optimal health and biological aging.

Your journey starts with receiving a Mygene Kit which includes a buccal swab used to extract DNA from your mouth. Once our lab has analysed over 654,027 SNPs (genetic variations) in your DNA, your personalised results are uploaded and interpreted by our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) driven live reporting program which canvasses over 40 million peer-reviewed published scientific articles to collate personalised reports.

You will also receive a pathology request form for extensive blood works as well as an extensive questionnaire to fill out. The comprehensive Mygene blood test is intended to establish your baseline health, trends overtime from any previous blood works, and markers of ageing including any dietary deficiencies. The questionnaire assists us in further personalising your program by collating the information you have provided with your genetic results.

Once your genetic results are ready, one of our Mygene consultants will organise a virtual 90 minute consultation to guide you through your unique genetic profile - spanning over 180 of the most well researched genes in 22 functional categories - and inform you about the latest evidenced based and personalised tips and dietary and lifestyle recommendations, including sleep, exercise and much more.

Your blood results are then collated with your genetic results and questionnaire and examined by our Mygene team including our medical practitioner, geneticist and nutritionist to devise a more comprehensive list of personalised suggestions including dietary and lifestyle modifications, specific supplementation, and other evidenced based suggestions to optimise your health and increase your health span. This will be discussed with you via a virtual consultation.

As part of the Empower Me program we also include our comprehensive myFatGene 30 page report according to your genotype. The FTO gene is one of the most studied genes associated with genetic variants for healthy weight management. We call this gene, affectionately, the “fat gene”, due its association with healthy weight management.

During your program you will have access to ongoing support from the Mygene team to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your diet and lifestyle program.

The Empower Me program includes the following:

  • Comprehensive in-house genetic test;
  • 3-month access to our proprietary gene.codes AI driven reporting program;
  • Comprehensive diet and lifestyle questionnaire to establish baseline health and provide us with important information which allows more precise personalisation of your program;
  • A 90-minute virtual consultation with personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations;
  • The comprehensive myFatGene report which includes 30 pages of specific dietary and lifestyle tips and suggestions for your FTO genotype, further assisting you with your healthy weight management goals;
  • Personalised comprehensive blood tests based on genetics and family history. These blood tests include specific biomarkers which may not be commonly tested for in your routine blood test but are key indications of your biological age;
  • A comprehensive consultation with our in-house medical practitioner in combination with the Mygene consultants;
  • The "Re-thinking Your Relationship With Food To Increase Healthspan" guidebook containing your personalised recommendations and 165+ pages of nutrition information, recipes, tips and more;
  • 1 month supply of FreeStyle Libre 2 continuous glucose monitors;
  • Ongoing support via email or phone with one of our longevity concierges. 

Please note, you will have access to our proprietary gene.codes AI driven reporting program for 3 months. Upon expiry, you may renew your subscription for another 3 months ($99) or 12 months ($249).

    If you decide you would like to expand and enhance your health and wellbeing journey, you can upgrade* to any of our other programs at any point or consider our available add-ons to supplement your current program.

    *Note the $2650 fee of your Empower Me program will be deducted from the total cost of the other programs.